1. Confirm the problem exists (it may be a user error)
    1. What is the exact problem
    2. View the problem first hand
  2. When did the error start happening?
    1. Right now
    2. Today
    3. Yesterday
    4. Last Week
    5. Unknown
    6. Other
  3. Who does it happen to?
    1. All users
    2. One user
    3. Is the user a new error? (Could be related to security)
  4. Is this a new error or an old existing error?
    1. New
    2. Existing
  5. Were there any updates to the system recently? Service packs, code updates, unrelated updates?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Unknown
  6. What are the dependent technologies that this system uses?
    1. Network
    2. Internet
    3. Servers
  7. Are the errors being logged?
    1. Database event logs
    2. Operating System event logs
    3. Application event logs
  8. Rule out other systems being the issue
    1. Can the user access systems that are related
  9. Does the user have the latest code
    1. Client or App
    2. Server. Have the latest server changes been published